Emergency Restoration Water Damage Guide | How To

After there’s a situation or disaster that strikes your home or place of business that requires emergency restoration services at the most unexpected and inconvenient times. How do you decide which company to contract to restore your home to its previous standing or better? There are several companies that can do the job. But, are they doing it right? The decision comes down to invaluable qualities, the most valuable of traits being respect, quality, integrity, communication, and experience.

Emergency Restoration Services by Industry Leading Professionals

Arm Construction is a full service construction and restoration company. The company is fully equipped to handle each and every emergency restoration situation in all areas of San Diego County. ARM features it’s very own state-of-the-art emergency response dispatching system. This system connects you with industry leading professionals quicker than the blink of an eye. The system was put in place while specifically keeping in mind the livelihood of residential and commercial properties including its occupants and/or owners. We treat every emergency situation with regards to a person(s) place of living or place of business as our highest priority with every intention to limit the damage and restore or rebuild each case to its previous standing or better as quickly as reasonably possible.

Emergency Response

The most important emergency restoration service of them all. How quickly can you get industry leading professionals to your home or place of business? Whether it’s a situation that requires safety inspection and evaluation, water mitigation services, fire and smoke damage, site containment and repair, or restoring and rebuilding, professionals are always within ARM’s reach 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

The first thing you want to do in the case of any emergency situation in your home or place of business is call our emergency response hotline at (844) ARM TEAM. We will immediately give you our undivided attention and provide you with no cost, no obligation assistance to guide you in your time of need. Our emergency restoration services support team will quickly connect you with the right expert for your specific situation.

Water Damage

Water damage is an emergency restoration service that should be evaluated and dealt with by professionals on a case-by-case basis. Regardless of the stage at which you become aware of your specific situation, you want to stay ahead of the game in an attempt to prevent any further damage to your home, place of business, and its valuable items.

Damage from water holds a high risk of leading to more serious problems. Lingering moisture hiding underneath or behind materials can lead to serious health problems. Avoid these risks by getting in touch with the right certified professionals to mitigate the situation immediately. ARM has experienced staff with the knowledge and equipment to treat each matter effectively. The right company will understand which materials must be replaced and which ones are salvageable.

Water Mitigation 

The main focus is to prevent any further damage. Proper water mitigation requires specialized equipment and techniques from certified professionals. It is very important that the job is done the right way and by the right professionals, sooner rather than later to avoid any further or future destructive processes. Water Damage is a major contributor to loss of property. Seeking guidance from experts in the trade is a must. It’s important to know that water mitigation services are specific to ensure that the damage from water does not lead to further issues. Think of water mitigation as more of a temporary solution rather than a permanent one. It is strongly advised to seek a company who can assist you in every step of the way to avoid any setbacks in the restoration process.

Immediately after reaching out to our emergency hotline for assistance one of our mitigation supervisors will be dispatched to the site location. After evaluating the situation our staff member will begin to secure personal belongings by separating the wet versus the not wet, cleaning and disinfecting salvageable items, clearing the affected area which includes removing damaged furniture and materials such as flooring and drywall, and ensuring structural stability of the home or business in preparation for water extraction and structural drying.

With ARM you get a full service construction and restoration company. The integrity of the home or business is protected by knowledgeable and experienced staff members from start to finish. You benefit with peace of mind from the experience, outstanding customer service, and communication.

Water Extraction

We use insurance approved equipment that is backed up by HEPA certification. Making sure your home or office building is dry and safe requires special certified equipment and technicians. Depending on the size and type of water classification and category, our technicians will go in to extract with either a portable machine or truck mounted unit.

Water can invade your walls, ceiling, insulation, and floors. Metering surrounding areas is a must to see how far the water has migrated. It’s very easy to miss moisture which can lead to health issues and/or a more costly situation if left lingering. Our technicians will locate hidden moisture and either dry, replace, or repair immediately. With water it’s very important to move quickly to limit the amount of damage.

Our highly trained staff is extremely diligent. We take the time to properly evaluate the situation before beginning the extraction process. Above all, we use commercial grade certified equipment and technicians. There is no job too big or too small. The most extreme cases of water damage that we have encountered require the electricity to be shut off. The place of origin from water damage is important to know. Our staff will take proper measures to prevent cross contamination if the water came from sewage loss.

Structural Drying

When it comes to the dry out, our certified technicians get the job done correctly using certified equipment. ARM restoration maintains a highly trained and certified staff. We keep up with the latest industry standards and proven scientific drying methods. The focus here is to assure only clean air is circulating the environment. This is why our equipment is HEPA certified, the most trusted brands by insurance agents around the county. HEPA compliant air scrubbers filter the dust particles from the air and any other contents that become airborne from demolition, water damage, and moisture.

We have inventory of specialized drying equipment ready at a moments notice, from air movers to larger truck mount commercial dehumidifiers. This makes us uniquely qualified to promptly and reliably handle water damage claims of all sizes. Comprehensive and effective, our approach properly manages humidity, temperature, and airflow to reduce the amount of physical damage to the structure and reduce the risk of microbial amplification and contamination.

Damage Restoration

The ultimate goal is to get the home or place of business back to it original standing or better. ARM is a full service construction company with our very own in-house restoration department. We have you covered from the very beginning stages all the way to the very end. Starting with the emergency service and effectively and efficiently transitioning into restoring and rebuilding your home or place of business. Our focus is on making the process smooth and stress free. Willingly dealing with your insurance company from the start of it all, to closing out the job.

At conclusion, our project manager does a complete walk-through and inspection with the homeowner or business owner. Our staff member will address everything that we’ve done, answer any questions you might have, as well as address any concerns. As a result, 100% guaranteed satisfaction. It is important to know that we use insurance approved pricing and guidelines. Keeping that in mind, we work for the property owner not the insurance company.